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From seed to soil to crock to table, our krauts and kimchi are carefully tended and gently fermented with wild strains of microorganisms from our farm and kitchen.

Each barrel of sauerkraut and kimchi begins on our farm by  planting seeds from varieties of vegetables we know have superior taste and texture. The vegetables grow and mature during the summer and into the fall. Our processing season begins in July with the first early cabbages, beets and carrots and continues through February when we are harvesting the last of the winter cabbages and root vegetables.

The fresh vegetables are transferred to our certified organic processing kitchen where they are washed, shredded and packed with sea salt into special fermentation vessels. From here the microorganisms take charge and begin the process of transformation. Their work of fermentation creates acids and enzymes which bring us the complex slightly sour taste of real sauerkraut and kimchi.

When enjoying our products you are tasting the flavors of North Olympic Peninsula while adding a bit of our farm’s culture to your own. Enjoy some with any and every meal!

During the production season we produce 6 varieties that are available year round. From June – December we produce a sauerkraut of the month from different vegetables being harvested from the farm. Check our social media to see what seasonal vegetables are currently fermenting.


Farmstead Krauts, Kimchi, Hot Sauce and Seasonal Pickles


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