Midori Farm Staff


Marko Colby, Co-owner/ Farm Manager

Marko loves vegetables.  He has been growing professionally for almost half his life and is still feels he is learning the art and science of farming.    After training at several farms and starting a fermented food business in 2005, he met Hanako and they started Midori Farm in 2008.  His favorite farm task is growing cover crops and turning them in to feed the soil. 


Hanako Myers, Co-owner / Greenhouse Manager/ Office Manager

Hanako is the farm mom and leader of the ledgers.  Caretaker of the hundreds of thousands of seedlings, all of the farm animals, Theo the youngest of the farm family and all the other details that keep the farm accounts rolling along.  Her favorite time on the farm is quiet greenhouse monitoring walks in the morning. 

Peter Tenekight, Field Operations Manager

Peter is the brains behind  the tractors at Midori Farm.  Quiet and assuming his mind is constantly churning out ideas to keep the farm lean, scrappy and abundant.  When he is not at the farm he is operating a saw mill or searching for powder.