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Midori Farm Staff


Marko Colby, Co-owner/ Farm Manager

Marko loves vegetables.  He has been growing professionally for almost half his life and is still feels he is learning the art and science of farming.    After training at several farms and starting a fermented food business in 2005, he met Hanako and they started Midori Farm in 2008.  His favorite farm task is growing cover crops and turning them in to feed the soil. 

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Hanako Myers, Co-owner / Greenhouse Manager/ Office Manager and more. 
Hanako discovered her love of gardening as a child and found her way to farming as a livelihood a few years into living in the Pacific Northwest. After spending years filling as many roles on the farm as possible she has settled happily into the task of managing and care-taking the farm's plant nursery and propagation operations. She also takes care of the farm animals, manages office operations and organizes a long list of behind-the-scenes details, most of them invisible but imperative. Her favorite part of her job are early morning and evening walks through the propagation houses planning for the day and week ahead.


Laura Street, Farmers Market Manager, Production Crew

Laura lends her straight ahead can do attitude to all parts of the Midori team.   She is currently the weekly farmers market manager, works in the propagation house in the aping, the kraut processing kitchen in the winter and the vegetable production team in the summer and fall. 


Kevin Rohr, Vegetable Production Team Lead

Kevin knows and loves vegetables. After a long career as a chef, he has "retired" to the Olympic Peninsula and Midori Farm.  Always willing to do what ever needs doing, he keeps the vegetable train rolling. 

,Coming soon...Midori Farm Ferments Kitchen Manager

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