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Vegetable by Vegetable


Vegetable by Vegetable is a how-to manual for growing organic garden vegetables anywhere within a day’s walk of the Northwest’s inland body of water known as the Salish Sea (the Puget Sound and it’s attached waters). It covers over 60 vegetables and herbs with detailed information on each, including seeding times, water and fertility needs, disease, pests, winter gardening and harvest tips. 83 pages.

This guide grew from our experience as organic vegetable farmers on the North Olympic Peninsula selling tens of thousands of vegetable and herb seedlings annually to gardeners. Each season, home gardeners ask us many basic questions about starting seeds, when to plant, how to prune a tomato and care for other vegetables in their gardens. We have attempted to answer these basic questions in a quick reference style guide along with some information on soil preparation, disease, insects and winter gardening. All of the planting dates and information are specific to gardeners growing in our unique maritime climate.

This work is self-published, written and beautifully illustrated by farmers Hanako Myers and Marko Colby of Midori Farm in Quilcene, Washington. It is printed on recycled paper, has a UV protected cover and a sewn binding so as to be a useful reference for years to come.

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